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We strive to achieve the highest standards of health, safety and well-being in all our activities, our assets, our assets, our projects and our offices. 

We work closely with our supply chain through a risk-based, collaborative approach to the management of health, safety and well-being to ensure our standards are achieved.

Activities during the year

Capco continued to implement high standards of health and safety on its operations and development projects during the year, to ensure that the health, safety and well-being of stakeholders who visit and enjoy our assets, work at our offices or are engaged in our supply chain continued to be prioritised. During 2021 a review of the health, safety and well-being standards for works was conducted in line with emerging industry best practice and the enhanced standards were trialled with a contractor at Covent Garden. These were well-received and it is intended that the enhanced standards will be finalised and launched to further contractors as applicable during 2022.

In response to the pandemic, Capco and its key supply chain evolved its COVID-19 Secure strategy and management protocols in line with government and industry guidance and ensured that operational and development activities could continue to be delivered safely. At the Covent Garden estate, as the government restrictions encouraged a more intensive use of the outdoor areas, additional al fresco seating was installed to high health and safety standards, with a view to ensuring the safety and amenity of visitors to the estate.

We continued our focus on visible leadership in health, safety and well-being, ensuring that these were prioritised in decision-making.

The increased presence of Directors on the estate has allowed more ad hoc tours of the estate, increasing awareness of health and safety matters across the business. Health and safety risk assessments continue to be undertaken on all new operations and projects.

Weekly health and safety inspections took place on our development projects and occupier fit-outs at Covent Garden, with attention paid to compliance with the Construction Leadership Council Site Operating Procedures. These were supported by detailed health and safety inspections across the estate. The small works projects at the Lillie Square asset continued to adhere to the highest standards of health and safety. A total of 608,438 working hours were completed on our development sites during the year and both an AFR and lost time incident frequency rate (“LTIFR”) of 0.00 for the year were achieved. We maintained our membership of the Considerate

Constructors Scheme (“CCS”) Client Partnership and the Construction Clients Leadership Group, reflecting our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of health and safety on construction projects across the Group. As a Client Partner, Capco requires the contractors we engage to be registered with the CCS and comply with all aspects of the Scheme’s Code on our sites. We refreshed our Sustainable Development Framework during the year to include well-being target measures, aligned with our ESC strategy and responsible development approach. Our Sustainable Development Framework can be accessed here. We closely monitored the legislative developments of the Fire Safety Act 2021 and the Building Safety Bill with a view to ensuring that Capco will be fully compliant when the legislation becomes effective. There will be more to do in 2022, as the legislation evolves. We continue to contribute as part of the British Property Federation Sounding Board and Construction Clients Leadership Group.

The COVID-19 Working Group ensured that appropriate working arrangements for our employees remained in place. Working practices for our staff varied throughout the year and we ensured that our employees were consulted with on the developments to our COVID response at our offices. During the period, risk assessments (including for those returning to work) were utilised as appropriate to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our employees. Our employee engagement survey sought views on how our employees felt supported during COVID-19 and we were pleased that Capco’s approach to managing the health and safety impact of the pandemic was appreciated, and that employees felt our head office was a safe and friendly environment and they enjoyed being based at the heart of our Covent Garden estate, and 86 per cent of our people felt happy with the communication from the Company.

Health and well-being initiatives

During 2021, Capco continued to ensure that health and well-being were given equal consideration with safety. In addition to our employee initiatives described on the People section of our website, health and well-being initiatives were championed for the workforces on our projects. We also delivered mental health awareness training to one of our major suppliers.


The health and safety governance and reporting framework continues to function effectively across the business, ensuring robust management and monitoring of health and safety. Sector Safety Leadership Teams (“SSLTs”) for each of the Group’s activities, comprising senior management and relevant employees, met regularly during the year to consider health, safety and well-being matters for each asset and to implement the Group’s Occupational Health and Safety Management System (“OH&SMS”) at operational level. This included execution, monitoring and reporting of the COVID-19 secure protocols. The SSLTs are overseen by the Group Safety Leadership Team (“GSLT”), which is chaired by our General Counsel and attended by our Chief Executive, who is also responsible for health and safety at Board level. The GSLT facilitates the sharing of lessons learned and evolving best practice recommendations across the operational SSLTs, and reviews health and safety performance across the Group throughout the year. The COVID-19 Working Group continued to report into the GSLT and to the Executive Directors on COVID-19 specific matters. Health and safety is a standing item on the Board’s agenda and the Board receives regular formal reports, summarising health and safety performance, risks and achievements across the Group. The OH&SMS continues to remain appropriate and operates effectively across the Group.


Our training programme ensures a strong health and safety culture remains embedded within the organisation and is communicated to our supply chain. Having been disrupted by the pandemic, the structured Health & Safety IOSH Leading Safely and IOSH Managing Safely programmes have been reinstated for 2022. However, health and safety awareness workshops were held with the operational property teams, which enabled the teams to consider and discuss their health and safety responsibilities in a practical and open forum.


No work-related employee fatalities were recorded in 2021 or since Capco’s inception. There were no RIDDOR incidents reported across the Group during 2021. The AFR for Capco development projects, small projects and occupier fit-out works at the end of 2021 stood at 0.00. Capco’s LTIFR for 2021 was 0.00.


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