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We strive to achieve the highest standards of health, safety and well-being in all our activities, our assets, our projects and our offices. We work closely with our supply chain through a risk-based, collaborative approach to the management of health, safety and well-being to ensure our standards are achieved


Capco continued to implement additional best practice health and safety standards on operations and development projects within the year. The improvement process was impacted by the nationwide lock-downs, which took place in March and November 2020. However, appropriate COVID-19 protocols were developed and implemented to allow workplaces to return to permitted activities. A total of 1.6 million working hours were completed on our development sites during the year and both an AFR and lost time incident frequency rate (“LTIFR”) of 0.00 for the year were achieved.

The construction activity at Phase 2 Lillie Square was completed to excellent stand­ards of health, safety and well-being on site, including through the first lock-down in March, during which time the Construction Leadership Council Site Operating Procedures were adopted by the Principal Contractor in response to COVID-19.

We maintained our membership of the Considerate Constructors Scheme (“CCS”) Client Partnership and the Construction Clients Leadership Group, reflecting the Company’s commitment to ensuring that our contractors provide the highest standards of health and safety on Group construction projects. As a Client Partner, Capco requires the contractors we engage to be registered with the CCS. We expect compliance with all aspects of the Scheme’s Code on our registered sites.

We continued our focused visible leader­ship in health, safety and well-being and, despite the restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, we continued to take a proactive approach to ensuring that health, safety and well-being were at the forefront of all of our thinking and deci­sion-making activities. Health and safety risk assessments continue to be under­taken on all new operations and projects.

Our small projects and occupier fit-out works at Covent Garden were monitored by regular tours by our operational lead­ers, with attention paid to compliance with the Construction Leadership Council Site Operating Procedures. These were supported by detailed health and safety inspections across the estate, with inspec­tions by internal and external parties carried out during the year.

We provided feedback on both the draft Building Safety Regulations and Fire Safety Reform Orders, via the British Property Federation Sounding Board.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company established both a COVID-19 Steering Group, which monitors the impact of the pandemic on corporate-level risks, and a COVID-19 Working Group, which ensured appropriate working arrangements for our employees were put in place, reflecting the various restrictions during the year. Our offices were made COVID-secure and ongoing engagement and risk assessments are used to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our employees.


Early in the pandemic, Capco established a COVID-19 Working Group to guide the Company through its response to COVID-19 from a people perspective. Whilst the move to home working in March was immediate, the resilience of our people and systems are a testament to the business continuity investment made in advance. Our people embraced working from home and via the COVID-19 Working Group, the Company has provided practical support, including the provision of enhanced home working equipment and set up.

The operation of a major estate requires some of our people to be on-site, even during periods of restriction. Balancing the need for ensuring excellent prop­erty management (including the safety of our customers and visitors) with the safety of our people who need to come to the workplace was one of the early work streams for the COVID-19 Working Group. Measures to ensure that we had COVID-secure workplaces in line with the evolving government guidance were fast-tracked.

Working closely with our external health and safety advisers, risk assessments were carried out at each Capco office, followed by a full consultation with employ­ees on the measures being implemented (such as hand sanitiser stations, one way systems and an enhanced cleaning regime). The measures were well-received and a new way of working was embraced by everyone. The planning for the head office move to the Covent Garden estate presented an opportunity to design in further measures such as glass screens, automatic temperature checks and an air purifi­cation system.

Collaboration with our people has been a focus and we remain committed to supporting employees’ specific needs resulting from the pandemic. A detailed engagement programme has been undertaken throughout the pandemic to better understand individual requirements. We continue to provide additional flexibility in working practices to our people to enable them to balance compet­ing interests brought about by the pandemic, such as managing home-school­ing and caring responsibilities during the working day.

As we prepare for a more normalised return to the Capco workplace, the COVID-19 Working Group continues to keeps abreast of new initiatives and govern­ment guidelines. Together with the protocols undertaken above, the resilience of the workplace will be boosted for the long-term.


During 2020, Capco continued to ensure that health and well-being were given equal consideration with safety.

In addition to our employee initia­tives described on page 69, health and well-being initiatives were championed for the workforces on our development projects, small projects and occupier fit-out works. We supported our appointed contractors on key health and well-being initiatives for their workforce, specifically around mental health.


The health and safety governance and reporting framework continues to func­tion effectively across the business. The Sector Safety Leadership Teams (“SSLTs”) met regularly during the year to consider health, safety and well-being matters for each asset and to implement the Group’s Occupational Health and Safety Management System (“OH&SMS”) at oper­ational level.

The SSLTs took responsibility for execut­ing the COVID-19 secure protocols for each estate and for monitoring the effec­tiveness of and compliance with the proto­cols. The SSLTs are overseen by the Group Safety Leadership Team (“GSLT”), which is chaired by our Chief Executive, who is also responsible for health and safety at Board level. The COVID-19 Working Group reported into the GSLT and to the Executive Directors on COVID-19 specific matters on a frequent basis. The GSLT continues to review health and safety performance across the Group through­out the year, and facilitated the sharing of lessons learnt and best practice across the management team.

Health and safety is a standing item on the Board’s agenda and the Board receives regular formal reports on health and safety, summarising health and safety performance, risks and achievements across the Group.

We retained our OHSAS 18001 certificate, which assures a compliant OH&SMS, following a detailed health and safety management review which was undertaken during the year to ensure that the system remained appropriate and continued to operate effectively at Covent Garden.


A structured Health & Safety Training programme was implemented across the Group in Q1 2020. This included IOSH Leading Safely and IOSH Managing Safely for our leaders and employees. This programme was disrupted by the nation­wide lockdown in March 2020. A revised programme evolved during the year where employees were able to access a varied series of online workshops and training courses, pertinent to individual health and well-being and the revised working environment. It is planned that face to face training will recommence as soon as circumstances permit.


No work-related employee fatalities were recorded in 2020 or since Capco’s incep­tion. There were no RIDDOR incidents reported across the Group during 2020. The AFR for Capco development projects, small projects and occupier fit-out works at the end of 2020 stood at 0.00. Capco’s LTIFR for 2020 was 0.00.

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