Benefitting the communities in which our assets are located is the cornerstone of the stewardship of our estates



We will continue to identify opportunities for apprenticeships for local young people across our assets and encourage our contractors to support this initiative. 

Education Programme

We will extend the number of schools that participate in the Capco Education Programme, building further on our success with school children of all ages. 

Charitable Work

We will promote a volunteering programme with Bishop Creighton House, an active community-based charity in Earls Court, working with disadvantaged people of all ages.

We will encourage employees to engage in CR initiatives and contribute 500 employee hours to supporting CR related projects.


In January 2016, Capco sponsored a breakfast for local businesses, jointly hosted by Councillor Astaire from Westminster City Council, promoting both the Recruit London initiative and an apprenticeship scheme run by FM Conway, Westminster’s maintenance supplier. Capco has supported Westminster City Council in the employment of a Workplace Coordinator under the Recruit London scheme who has successfully placed 32 candidates, including 11 long-term unemployed, all of whom live in Westminster.

Working with Westminster City Council, Capco initiated the pedestrianisation of King Street in Covent Garden. Businesses have seen an increase in trade and we hope that by removing vehicles during trading hours there will be an improvement in air quality and the environment for residents and visitors.

The Covent Garden team took part in the cleaning of the district in August. Each team member spent two hours with a member of the cleaning team picking up litter, emptying bins, cleaning pavements or removing chewing gum. The Lord Mayor of Westminster joined Andy Hicks, Estate Director, to clean King Street and help launch the new heritage style cleaners’ uniform. Our cleaning teams continue to supplement Westminster City Council’s street cleaning activities throughout the district.

A total of 10 primary schools took part in this year’s challenge to design a product that could be sold in the Apple Market in the Covent Garden Market Building. The finalists visited the Apple Market to meet traders and then present their ideas to a panel of judges. This year’s winner was St Clement Danes School with their multi-function designer glasses incorporating tourist information. Santa made a surprise visit to hand out the prizes.

We once again co-hosted the annual Sir Simon Milton Foundation quiz night, raising £37,860, the highest amount to date, with 18 Capco employees taking part and volunteering at the event.

In the summer of 2016, we worked with Year 4 at Sir John Lillie Primary School and Year 5 at Bousfield Primary School.  At Sir John Lillie Primary School, the pupils learned about the history of Normand Park and the Clem Attlee Estate and the Bousfield Primary School project focussed on learning about the plans for Earls Court.  The children visited Earls Court village and carried out shop and traffic surveys.

The Little Architect project continued in 2016 working with St Joseph’s Primary school, Covent Garden and Queens Manor primary school, Fulham.  The aim of the project was to foster enjoyment at an early age from the built environment.

During 2016, we collaborated with a not-for-profit social organisation called Enabling Enterprise by hosting an event led by Enabling Enterprise for Year 5 pupils from Wendell Park Primary School in Hammersmith. The students researched and created plans for the renovation of a fictitious town within budgetary constraints and Capco volunteers assisted with the facilitation of the session.

We collaborated with the ULI on their Urban Plan Project which introduced students to the various market and non-markets forces involved in the Built Environment industry.  Working in teams, students formed a property development company and responded to a brief to redevelop a blighted site.

Capco continues to fund additional security teams patrolling the estate following an increase in the national security threat level. This includes 24 hour monitoring of CCTV and extensive patrolling of the estate throughout the day and night. 

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