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Benefiting the communities in which our assets are located is the cornerstone of the stewardship of our estates

Community events

Capco continues to support a range of community events at Covent Garden and a number of employees volunteered to help run the events. In 2018 these included:

  • Sponsorship of a formal wreath-laying event in the Covent Garden Piazza in commemoration of the centenary of the WW1 Armistice, in association with the local residents and the Lord Mayor of Westminster City Council
  • In partnership with the West End Community Trust, providing a day trip and Christmas lunch to elderly local residents.
  • Sponsorship of the Covent Garden Community Association Christmas Carol concert held in St. Paul’s Church
  • Sponsorship of Recruit London, which assists the long-term unemployed into work. 46 Westminster residents were placed into full-time employment with local Covent Garden businesses and 13 residents were provided with work experience

Earls Court community engagement includes regular community events at the Earls Court Project Room. Families are able to participate in a range of activities, view models and presentations on the Earls Court development and ask questions of Capco representatives. Activities in 2018 included Easter egg decorating, bunting designing, hand-held windmill decorating and flower crown arranging and a Christmas open day with a wreath-making workshop.

District stewardship

Capco continues to fund additional security for the Covent Garden estate due to the high national security threat level. This includes 24-hour monitoring of CCTV and extensive patrolling of the estate throughout the day and night.

To help improve air quality in the area, we have commissioned signage encouraging drivers to turn off their engines whilst queuing in traffic to help improve air quality and have consolidated deliveries to our Covent Garden office to reduce the number of vehicles visiting the district.

A dedicated residents’ herb barrow on the Piazza has been provided for use by all residents.


We have long-standing relationships with selected charities which are aligned with our CR strategy, and support a range of initiatives during the year.


Apple Market Challenge

The hugely successful Apple Market Challenge, run in conjunction with sixth form students at a Business Enterprise School, Ursuline High School Wimbledon, entered its twelfth year during 2018 and has involved over 6,700 children since its inception in 2006. Pupils from 10 schools, including both the Covent Garden primary schools, presented products that could be sold from the Apple Market in the Covent Garden Market Building.

Little Architect

Capco supported an Architectural Association School of Architecture project with pupils from St. Joseph’s primary school, Covent Garden. The project focused on the Victorian era of design, the Great Fire of London and the Roman Empire.


Covent Garden’s Head Gardener undertook a planting and gardening workshop with children from St Joseph’s primary school.

Construction Youth Trust

Capco supports Construction Youth Trust, which aims to inspire and enable young people to overcome barriers and discover a career in construction. This programme targets schools with a high proportion of socially or economically disadvantaged students and works with a diverse demographic of young people to introduce them to career opportunities in construction. Initiatives in 2018 included a number of speed networking and careers events for students and parents at Ark King Solomon Academy in Westminster.

Earls Court

Through our collaboration with our education partner, Urbanwise London, Capco worked with children from six primary schools in the Earls Court area on a range of educational projects focused on Earls Court. The projects focused on what makes a great place to live with specific focus on home design, housing construction and materials and local area issues. They also spent some time researching the history of the Earls Court area, which involved history mapping and survey work looking at different types of businesses.

Urban Plan Project

We collaborated with the Urban Land Institute on their UrbanPlan Project, working with Year 12 students from Fulham College and students from Chelsea Academy. This programme helps young people understand the role the real estate industry plays in reviving and regenerating urban areas and brings to life the urban environment through a series of interactive workshops and team challenges.


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Capco aims to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment. We apply a responsible and forward-looking approach to environmental issues and the principles of sustainability.