Shareholder Information

Capco ordinary shares

All Capco ordinary shares are listed in both London and Johannesburg but are registered on the appropriate share register. For shares registered in London, which are generally all the shares other than those held by shareholders resident in South Africa, the registrar is Link Asset Services (formerly Capita Asset Services). For shares registered in South Africa, the registrar is Computershare.

Key information:

  • Nominal value: 25p
  • ISIN GB00B62G9D36
  • In issue: Shares were issued on 17 May 2010. Pursuant to the prospectus dated 12 March 2010, on 18 May 2010, the nominal value of each share was reduced from 80p to 25p.

The shares are listed on:

  • London Stock Exchange (premium listing)
    - Code: CAPC, SEDOL B62G9D3
  • JSE, Johannesburg (secondary listing)
    - Security code: CCO
    - Short name: CAPCO


All enquiries relating to holdings of shares in Capco including notification of change of address, queries regarding dividend payments or the loss of a certificate, should be addressed to the Company's registrars. You can find the contact details here.